Sunday, August 28, 2011

It Starts With Us

A couple years ago while on a walk, John and I noticed a slew of cats at this house. Soon after that I stopped to ask the residents if the cats were spayed/neutered.

An elderly couple lived at the house and had started feeding a cat. Then another appeared and another. Eventually there were over 18 cats and we found out none were spayed/neutered. I knew we had to do something or they would continue to breed and eventually pay with their lives.

So I talked with them about humanely trapping, neutering and returning them. I let them know that we would pay the costs and all they had to do was give us permission to be on their property. They agreed.

So the trapping began and John and I successfully trapped and neutered them all. Mission accomplished.

A friendship developed between the four of us and we frequently went to check on this elderly couple. Sometimes taking food and gifts at Christmas. They loved the visits and we enjoyed being there.

Now fast forward to today. Sadly the woman passed away 2 years ago and her gentleman companion was left. He continued to care for the cats and we continued our visits.

Unfortunately 2 weeks ago he felt he needed to return to Ohio where his son lived. He moved but the cats remained. There was no way he could relocate them, which we knew. Sadly though the cats were not just going to stop showing up each day for food. They had been fed for many years now and the routine was embedded. John and I knew we had to step in.

So we have taken over the job of feeding this colony. My heart breaks because I know they must wonder where their previous caregiver is. And to make matters worse, the daughter of the deceased person who now owns the house…. plans to put the house up for sale.

I am more than distressed. Once this happens we will lose access to the yard to feed. So now I’m in the process of trying to find someone with another colony or a barn and some acreage that we could relocate them to. I haven’t had any luck yet but I am hopeful.

In the meantime, we will continue to provide food for these cats. The daughter refuses to feed them but does let us access the yard, which is good. She wants to have the cats euthanized. Sigh. That’s not in our plan.

We need prayers and hope. This situation is of no fault to these animals. It just breaks my heart. Hopefully with the current real estate market, we will be afforded the time needed to find a solution.

Spaying and neutering is of utmost importance. It prevents situations just like this one. There are low-cost options available everywhere. Please help those that cannot help themselves.

Until next time (when I hope I have better news),

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catching Up

It's been forever since I've posted.  Got sidetracked.  But here I am with some new pics of the feral kids.  

Tipper used to be all skittish and scared.  Wouldn't let anyone get near him.  Typical feral.  But as I went out each day to feed he decided we weren't so bad and let me pet him.  Now he loves the petting more than food and will wait to eat until his head is scratched and he is thoroughly petted.  So cute. 

His fur was so bad and now look at this handsome guy.   All beeeeutiful. 

Next is Gordon.  I've only recently been able to pet him.  Just once.  He'll let me get closer to him so there is progress but he continues to keep his distance.  He dances around like he really, really wants to be loved on but he is just too scared.  Bless his little heart.  

Anyway, he looks good and we're happy to be able to watch over him, know that he has good meals each day and that he is loved. Isn't he a handsome boy?  He does wear too much eyeliner but what can you do? ;-)

I'll have pics of the rest of our gang soon. 

Until next time, 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Time of Renewal

Recently I tried to find a specific pattern of something I wanted to paint.  And with me being so organized (I organize my organization), I figured I would have no trouble finding it.  Well... not so.  
I pulled up my handy-dandy database of all my books, magazines, patterns only to find.. I couldn't find it.  Good grief.

Now let me tell you.  I spent hours upon hours upon hours logging each and every magazine, pattern, book into this database.  But that was what seems like now, umpteen years ago.  My tastes have changed and the way in which I thought I would use my database apparently wasn't ideal.  

In the beginning I would simply check the box for say, a pattern of a rooster.  Well, let me tell you. There were tons of patterns of roosters in my over 1200 (yes one thousand two hundred) books and such. Ugh! So tiring.  

What I didn't realize early on was that I needed to be a little bit more descriptive of the pattern.  Not just check the box.  Clearly I didn't factor in that I would have SO many books in the darn collection.  

Soooo....  as I started just pulling out my binders of magazines and going through each page, I realized there were many, many things I wasn't the slightest bit interested in ever painting. 
Yep.. you probably know what's coming.  I purged!  You read it right.. PURGED!!!  

At first I felt kinda panicky that I was going to rip pages out of these things.  But once I got started I was on a roll.  This went on for several days.  I went through so many of these things that by the second day when I laid down to go to sleep... I couldn't shake the image of me licking my finger and turning pages and ripping.  Honestly. 

The end result of all this effort meant that I literally emptied 22 binders worth of stuff.  Can you believe it?  Twenty two!!!! 

The poor recycle guys.  I was afraid to look out while they emptied the bins in case they were giving me the finger. LOL!  Here's a peek at the end result.  

Next project....  I'm going to start going through all my books.  Hey.. now I'm on a mission ;-)
Until next time, 

Friday, April 1, 2011


I think I am probably the only person in the world who doesn't like Peeps.

I love to look at them, love to buy them for tucking in Easter baskets and I think they would be really good toasted over an open fire (horrors!).  But I don't like them straight from the package.  There's just something so wrong with the texture for me.

A friend of mine and I were B-bopping around the other day and I casually mentioned that I don't like Peeps.  "You don't like Peeps??????" she says, all aghast.   Uh.. no.  "How can you not like Peeps????"  

Then I felt embarrassed for mentioning it.  Maybe there is something wrong with me.  Maybe I was born with a Peep default.  Maybe it's because I never really know how to answer the question.. 'what came first the chicken or the egg. '  Maybe I have Peepophobia.  That's it!!!

Anyway, whatever the case, no Peeps for me.  But I really like looking at all the Easter goodies this time of year.  The pastels are so pretty and springy looking.  All fresh and soft.  And I still think I should get an Easter basket.  All decked out with sweet treats.  And a big CHOCOLATE bunny.  Yum! Love those for sure.  Except I don't like to bite the ears off first.   But I guess that's another story.

Here's a card I made the other day.  Made me think of the Easter Parade song and bonnets and all things spring.  And those silly Peeps.

Until next time,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yuk.. it's oak pollen and caterpillar time

I was really enjoying the weather we've been having.  Temps were cool, low humidity and a great time to work in the garden.  

I have all kinds of stuff going this season.  Tomatoes, both red and orange, regular and grape size.  I planted oregano which is coming along nicely and so are those onion bulbs.  

The other veggies I planted from seed are squash, lettuce, carrots and green beans.  We've still got fall's green beans doing good too and enjoying those.

Plenty of flowers in the garden too!  Love all the color.  Impatiens in different shades of pink, alyssum, red and pink geraniums, hydrangea (which is pink when it blooms), and red, pink, blush and purple verbena.  Love that verbena. Oh! and there's voila in both yellow and purple and some multi pinks and corals.  

So you can understand why I've been loving-loving-loving being in the garden.  Until... wait for it.....


Leafrollers hangs by their thread from an oak tree in Clearwater.
Yuk! it's oak pollen caterpillars.  I can't stand them!  They hang just like that from all our oak trees and drop on you when you least expect it.  So gross.  I scream like a girl and run to ask John to check my hair and clothes to get them off me.  I think I've heard him snickering.  Which is very rude of him don't ya think?
Anyway until today I thought the caterpillars were all I needed to worry about.  Now the lubbers are arriving. Dang!  I hate those too.  

Thank goodness they don't fly.  I'd be berserk.  But they are very daunting looking and I will not touch them.  So to get rid of them I yell for John.  LOL!!  

If he's not nearby I get the garden hose and run around with it shooting full blast at them until I've pushed them out of the yard and drowned them.  Gosh that sounds horrible.  But I can't help it.  They make me squeamish.  When they are small it isn't so bad but when they get to be adult size at 3"...  look out!  And they have NO predators.  Well, except me. 

Of course the outside kids walk around as if nothing is amiss.  Pollen clusters laying on their backs, tail, head.  Wherever.  They have no sense.  

So I don't know what I'm going to do until all this yuk is gone.  I guess send John outside to take care of things. 

Until next time, 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time Flies

Holy smokes! Where did the time go?  I can't believe my last post was in September.  Apparently I got so caught up in the holidays I lost track of time.

So here it is February and it feels like spring is on its way!  I spent some time outside today starting to get the garden ready for planting.  So much to be done.  I got so tired just looking at all needing to be done that I almost had to sit and rest a bit.  But soon I got busy moving some plants out of our makeshift greenhouse, giving some plants some much needed fertilizer and planting some onion bulbs.  Junior helped with this.  Ok so what he did was jump in the soil where I was planting and throw himself down wanting to be pet.

This is the first time I've planted onion bulbs. You know the green scallion ones. Typically I start with seeds but I tell ya, that was always a bust.  It takes FOREVER for the dang things to grow and then it always seemed the season had ended and no real onions to speak of.   Just short little green tops with barely anything but a root.  Such a disappointment.  Anyway, so I'm hoping for better luck with the bulbs.

Tipper has come a long way since my last post.  He nows sits on the deck rail peeking in the screened porch to the kitchen reminding us it could be time for breakfast. Or supper.  Or maybe a snack!  And now he loves to be pet.  When he was first on the scene he kept his distance and would hiss and carry on in a dramatic way when we'd go out to feed.  Then when he was distracted with his food we would quickly stroke his fur.  He'd look up in a hurry and try to slap us and then hiss.  LOL!!  We kept this up for several months.  Now he headbutts us to pet and scratch him.  He's too cute.

Here he is peeking in the screened porch.  The picture quality is not so hot (I think my camera has the flu) but you get the idea.

Well that's it for now.  This girl is tired and I need to start supper then call it a day.

Until next time,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lost and Found

Sunday I did feral trapping.  Trapped a boy we call Tipper.  The tip of his tail looks like he dipped it in milk.  Here he is after surgery and recovering at the house before his release.

I hope to get pictures of him in the upcoming weeks to show his improvement. 

About the title of this post.. it's not John and I but pretty much all else.  It's probably only a matter of time before it is John and I.  We seem to be misplacing things often. 

And truth be told I'm actually anal about putting things back where you get them from.  That doesn't seem to be working here.  A while back it was John's keys.  We have a place for our keys.  All hanging real nice on this key rack I painted long ago.  Here it is here.

Ok, so it's not that nice. Actually it looks pretty messy but the keys are all together.  And if you put them where they go then you'll always be able to grab them when you need them.  Such a good idea!  

But John usually carries his keys around in his pocket.  I think he's worried I'll lock him out.  Anyway, we're working in the yard one day.  He has his keys.  They are not exactly *in* his pocket.  He just had them sorta hanging from the pocket.  New concept I guess.  So we're breezin' around the yard doing yard stuff.  Later he needs his keys.  "Have you seen my keys"

I tell him I did.  Hanging on his pocket earlier.  They are not there.  My lord! someone had stolen his keys right off his pocket!!!!  So we search. And search. And then we search more.  We probably spent a good 40 minutes looking for these keys.    They were no where.  And we kept going back to the places we had already looked repeatedly.  Neither of us trusted the other  one to do a good job looking.  Still no keys.  

We kept returning to the yard.  Going over and over the places we were in.  I'm sure we looked like fools out there in the front yard bent over scouring the ground for these keys.  Keys are nowhere.  We have not left the house/yard.  Where the heck can they be?!  And as we are standing there scratching our heads, John sees something shining in the branch of one of the crepe myrtles.  Yes, I said branch of a tree.  

Sure enough it's the keys!  They are hanging on this little branch about 4-4 1/2 feet off the ground.  I look at him.. "did you not remember you hung the keys from the tree for crying out loud?"  But he hadn't.  As he was moving back and forth around the yard, the lower part of the branch snagged the keys from his pocket and the branch must have snapped back and the keys ended up on the other branch.  Such a fluke.  We laughed and laughed.  Then I insisted he put his keys on the key rack. 

This past week we lost the cell phone.  Uh.. John lost the cell phone.  Ok, he misplaced the cell phone.  He's heading out the door to meet his brother.  Then comes right back in.  "Have you seen the cell phone?"    

Until next time, 


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